IEEE Membership Drive Talk and Technical Seminar
Venue : University Selangor, Faculty of Engineering, Lecture Theatre, Malaysia
Date : 28th March 2013
Event Organizer : Mohamed Khan Aftab Ahamed Khan.
The event started with a keynote address from M.K.A.Ahamed Khan, Senior lecturer, IEEE Member, UNISEL briefed the audience the vision, mission and IEEE organization structure. IEEE Membership Drive talk was useful and motivated the students to be an Integral part of the society. During his talk the value behind IEEE Robotic and Automation Society (IEEE RAS) and the importance of having UNISEL IEEE Students Branch also addressed. This information was well received by the Mechatronic students. More than 15-20 students showed keen interest to register for IEEE members.
Dr.Gobbi Ramaswamy, Asso.Prof, MMU was presented the Technical seminar on Electric Machines and Motor Drives: Trends of the Technology . It was well received by all the students, especially the final year students taking Power electronics and drives subject. During his talk the advancement in Motor technology was well briefed. The participation from the students and their desire to learn the latest developments in the technology and also to become IEEE Members where the high lights of this event.
At 1pm the event ended with a small token of appreciation to Dr.Gobbi and Ahamed khan.